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In 1999, Mouser and some friends began thinking about railguns and doing some math on how a theoretical one would operate. Soon, Mouser and I were introduced by our friend Helen. I had been thinking about railguns since junior high school, when I saved up my whole summer's lawn cutting proceeds to buy a giant capacitor from C and H Sales, which was delivered on a truck and promptly caused my stepmom to flip out and confiscate it. Some later attempts with electrolytic caps and BBs didn't do too well, and the ambition had since been cooling off in the back of my mind. However when I found a fellow enthusiast of building a railgun I was happy to throw in with him and give it a go. Soon after that I moved into the 324 garage, which was an ideal place to work on the project. For the next 2+ years we worked on the sucker on and off, the progress of which you can see at railgun.org. We only got to attempt a firing twice, and it didn't work. But we have some great ideas for rev 2 of the gun, and we can reuse much of the controls and electronics we built up for the project. But the project is basically on the shelf until later since Mouser moved to New Mexico to finish his degree and I had to move out of 324 and won't have a shop setup for a while in my new place. Here are a few pictures of the railgun:

The full setup

Closeup of the breech area

Design partially original and partially ripped off from other websites
by Holly Gates